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    At JGD Exhibition Systems we have put the power and the choice back in your hands.
    <h1>About <span style='color: var(--primary);'><b>JGD Exhibitions</b></span></h1>At JGD Exhibition Systems we have put the power and the choice back in your hands.

2,250+ projects around Australia

Leveraging off the 45 year history of John Gibson Displays' servicing the Australian exhibition industry

A successful event starts with JDG


Leveraging off the 45 year history of John Gibson Displays' servicing the Australian exhibition industry, JGD Exhibitions has the capability to bring to you a state of the art exhibition display stand solutions, using the experiences developed by ‘John Gibson’.

Leading the way in display stand technology, JGD Exhibitions combines the lightweight strength and flexibility of aluminium with advanced fabric printing techniques, whilst incorporating a timber finish to deliver eye-catching display stands, that will blow you away, taking your display stands to unimaginable heights only previously reached via costly rigging services.

Our focus is on delivering cost effective solutions that provide more flexibility and enable untapped creativity to emerge. We are committed to understanding your business needs to deliver outstanding solutions on time and in your budget.

At JGD Exhibition Systems we have put the power and the choice back in your hands.

Power and choice back in your hands

We know all the tricks, hints, tips and ideas that can save you thousands

Today’s modern exhibition display stands.

...some of the most innovative exhibition practises

From humble beginnings to a highly successful corporation, John Gibson has contributed and introduced to the Australian exhibition industry, some of the most innovative exhibition practises that you will notice in today’s modern exhibition display stands.

In 1970, after arriving back in Australia from England, John joined ITF (Industrial and trade fairs) in North Sydney. He began his career in exhibitions with ITF which at that time was the worlds largest and most successful event organiser.

After two years, ITF withdrew from Australia and John joined Thomas Exhibitions who in turn purchased the AIEE ’73’.

He then was transferred to Melbourne and became Victoria sales manager for that event.

The 1973 AIEE, Australia’s 6th International exhibition – took place in Melbourne and as seen below, was the largest trade show in Australia with record attendees and exhibitors.

John was responsible for organising the event and he created by hand the event floor plan, all hand sketched and laid out without the availability of computer generated CAD software.

John’s success's at the AIEE was hugely acknowledged and widely recognised by many including Government officials from around the world, and many letters of appreciation were well received.


John Gibson Displays is established

John, known as the charismatic salesman, was asked by the Italian trade commissioner to join Forma Furniture (Holdings) as their Australian Director.

Apart from a salary increase, John was rewarded the new title with a brand new Holden Kingswood.

By 1974, John realised quickly there was a huge potential and niche in the exhibition industry for a new custom and shell scheme display stand contractor when he was presented with a concept design, a rough, hand drawn sketch on the back of a brown paper lunch bag and was told that this design was going to cost in excess of $8,000.00

When Forma Furniture closed down, John Gibson decided to jump into the exhibition industry with the expertise and knowledge he’d earned and gained.

In 1974, the Australian exhibition industry which was then in its infancy with only half a dozen ‘top end’ exhibition display stand contractors, the event organisers Riddell Exhibitions welcomed with anticipation, the arrival of a new custom exhibition display builder; BrinerGibson Displays was formed.

1976 brought many obstacles and new opportunities. A failed partnership didn’t stop John from surging ahead, and in 1978 as a result JOHN GIBSON DISPLAYS WAS ESTABLISHED and was operating in its own right.

The exhibition industry was evolving quickly and the new kid on the block was creating shockwaves - in 1978 John Gibson Displays designed and built their first award winning stand at the Consumer Electrics Show hosted by Riddell Exhibitions, a 250sqm custom built exhibition display stand for Sanyo at the then ‘Sydney Showgrounds’.

45 years of culture

These core values, beliefs and wok ethic of John Gibson have been the founding values of John Gibson Displays

The charismatic entrepreneur was well regarded with a CAN DO ATTITUDE. John was the man who never said no, to any exhibitor request. These core values, beliefs and wok ethic of John Gibson have been the founding values of John Gibson Displays for the past 45 years which helped paved the way for more than 100 various industry award winning (see above) exhibition display stands and countless recognitions for his incredible work and dedication to the industry.

The family operated businessman always maintained a “CAN DO” attitude, bringing together old fashioned service and values to the exhibitions and events industry.

International motor show

End of an Era

From the late 70’s, having now spent nearly a decade producing time and time again, exhibition stands that screamed unique, innovative and modern and won many best stand awards, in 2009 after nearly 30 years of exhibition excellence, saw the last ever International Motor Show. This was indeed a sad end of an era for this iconic trade show , the longest ever running trade show in Australian history operating from 1925. With the end of this trade show came a loss of familiarity for John Gibson Displays.

John had challenged himself during the previous 30 years of International Motor Show history, to tirelessly work around the clock to meet the demands, requirements and challenges of these events and produce award winning stands across every city of Australia for Citroen, Volvo, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Spyder, Holden, Suzuki and many others.

Pushing boundaries

Bigger and Better

John knew how to push the boundaries of the exhibition industry and their event organisers. This is evident in a concept brought straight from Sweden.

John was asked by the Managing Director of Volvo Australia to replicate the 7 car stack previously achieved only in Europe.

This very bold achievement in his 45 years was seen at the 1989 Motor Show. This has never been repeated in any exhibition in Australia and completely revolutionised the capabilities of what is possible.

Only Bigger and Better from hereon for John Gibson Displays. As technology changed and what wasn’t possible before had now been made possible. John time and time again blew his competition away with the most modern, innovative compelling display work brought to the industry.

Avalon airshow

New Beginnings

Even though in 2009 saw the end of the greatest longest ever running trade show (Australian International Motor Show), the Australian International Airshow in 1992 held its first ever Airshow in Avalon, and Yes, John Gibson Displays was once again doing what they do best.

John Gibson Displays serviced many international and Government customers, and received many best stand awards a long the way.

Into the future

Emergence of a new partnership

From their first ever award winning display stand in 1978 to their last in 2018, John Gibson Displays has revolutionised and shaped the industry to what it is today. So, In 2019, John Gibson Displays wound down and finally John was able to take a side step from the lime light at the young age of 78.

Incorporating the old with the new, and with a slight brand change, John Gibson Displays resumed operations as JGD Exhibitions. With the emergent of a new partnership between the next generation Gibson and Tacan, the John Gibson Displays legacy and brand remains alive and active while inheriting and maintaining the same “CAN DO” attitude passed down to the next generation of stand builders.

At JGD Exhibitions we have incorporated the experience and expertise of 45+ years of timber stand building while introducing modern and creative techniques with ethically sourced aluminium and Silicon Edged graphics. We continuously are on the lookout for new and innovative stand building methods to look for ways in which we can incorporate timber in to our aluminium builds which offers our customers a world of opportunity to explore both means of stand building. This provides the opportunity to the individual to decide which method of construction suites their company, budget, look, feel and desires to create that perfect stand.

Today, JGD Exhibitions continues to service our customers with the same beliefs, attitude and the ability to achieve the results that our customers expect and we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

We always want to leave our customers with the "WoW" factor.

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