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We have decades of experience catering for the needs of our customers. Please find below a list of the most frequently asked questions.

If we design a 3x3 stand but chose to book a 6x3 space at another event, can our stand be re-configured to suite the bigger space?
Yes, our stands are fully modular and can be modified to suit any space and configuration. We can add and take away walls as required.
How long will our display stand take to build once delivered to the show?
Depending on the complexity of the build, most 6x3 stands could take up to 10 hours to install. A 6x6 may take up to a day and a half, and the larger and more intricate the build, you should allow up to 15 – 18 hours or more onsite.
Can we take our display stand to multiple events?
Yes, our stand builds can be erected multiple times at multiple events before they may require some general maintenance. A quality check is completed in the factory prior to any installation and every element is checked and quality assured before it leaves the warehouse.
Can JGD deliver our stand to the trade show, or do we need to engage our own logistics company?
JGD has its own logistics arm of the business, where customers can assure their exhibition assets are carefully handled by exhibition freight specialists who understands the industry and its time constraints. JGD Logistics will deliver your stand and any product / machine to site and arrange all onsite requirements through the organisers including dock and forklift bookings.
Is it easy to change artwork over on an existing display?
Yes, JGD staff are very aware that there may be an aptitude of product changes or brand changes, so it is very easy to re-print and re-fit new skins once this has occurred. A simple email notifying your project manager of the changes and JGD will step by step guide you through the process.
If we want to attend more than one show a year, can JGD manage the logistics between the events?
JGD staff are specialised in managing all the logistics for multiple installations. We will look after all your project management, logistics and bookings and arrange for your stand to get from A-B to any event you may be attending Australia wide.
Can JGD modify an existing display stand that JGD did not build?

JGD employs highly skilled tradespeople who has the ability to modify any existing display, whether it is a timber build or aluminium frame. JGD will provide a detailed report based on what modifications are required to get your display show ready.

Speak to a JGD representative today to discuss the process.

Can JGD store our stand?
Yes, JGD warehouse has the capabilities of storing your stand between the events. We are fully insured and our premises is completely secured with monitored alarms for additional peace of mind.
Will I have a dedicated account manager through the whole build and install process and particularly onsite when our stand is getting installed?
JGD pride ourselves on providing a full concierge experience, our project managers will be there to work with you from design and quotation through to onsite installation and handover.
How much time will our stand take to build in the factory?
Depending on the complexity of the build, your custom built display stand can take as little as 5 days to 4-6 weeks.
We know what show we want to attend, but haven't booked our space yet. Can JGD advice what are our best options and can JGD negotiate a space booking on our behalf?
Once you have notified your project manager what event you would like to attend, JGD staff can contact the organiser and negotiate the best space and location for your budget. We are well affiliated with many organisations and event organisers to advise what your best options are.
When providing a design brief, what information should I provide? Questions you may like to think about
  • What do you want to get from your trade show booth?
  • How many attendees do you want to attract to your booth?
  • How many leads do you hope to generate?
  • How many products do you want to sell, if you are exhibiting at a business to consumer event?
  • Do you have a main hero product for which you want the booth to be designed around?
  • Are you focusing on promotion or hoping to launch a new product?
  • You can have more than one goal, of course, but the point is that you need to be clear about what your - participation in the trade show is going to achieve.
  • Determine what your ROI would be – if one new customer helps you justify you being at the event, then focus on getting that customer.
What questions should I ask when booking my trade show booth?

Find out everything you can about the available space, including:

  • Location on the trade show floor.
  • Who are the other exhibitors close to the space you want to book .
  • Know who are your direct competitors and where they will be exhibiting.
  • Have a look at the area to determine whether it is a low traffic or high traffic area.
  • Ask about the physical conditions of the booth space:
    • where the overhead lighting is situated, is their natural lighting that you can take advantage of
    • other obstructions such as overhead air conditioning units – which is important if you are looking at a rigged banner over your space.
    • Some event halls have large pillars that may take up a portion of your space which you will have to design your booth around.

If you are unsure, JGD Project managers can take the headache out of finding the best space for your budget and your brand, whether that you are a smaller start up company exhibiting for the first time or multinational that has exhibited 20 times, everyone has a budget in which they need to adhere to.

We can discuss these options with the event organisers and provide solutions for your company / brand.

What is the best way to attract people to my booth?
  • Brand Activation. Create a marketing strategy with strong branding.
  • Have available plenty of give-aways
  • Flood social media with advertisements of your booth and product; including booth number, event dates, location.
  • Approach potential customers with an open and friendly demeanour.
  • Make sure your trade show staff are knowledgeable on the products you are showing
  • Offer to the public something that everyone wants
  • Think outside the box and think creatively
  • Create a trade show only deal
What is the difference between a shell scheme and a custom exhibition booth / stand?

A shell scheme is where you are typically provided with an already carpeted area inside an already existing frame put up by the event organisers. Usually a shell scheme stand is boxed in on 3 sides or occasionally a corner and are generally 3x3 or 6x3 configurations.

A custom built stand is a display that you design and build on raw space (concrete). Your stand is designed from the ground up, and your display contractor is responsible for providing the entire booth package.

A friendly JGD staff member is always available to speak with to help you understand your booth options.

Is there a per square metre rate you can quote for a custom designed and built stand?
All custom stands are designed and built to your specifications and therefore it is difficult to narrow down a square meter price from a basic to an intricate build. However depending on complexity, a custom built stand can vary between $250 - $2000 / sq metre. This is a generalised rate, and obviously many factors may change this.
How long does a stand design and quotation take to provide?
To provide you with a proposal that includes a fully itemised quotation and a set of 3D CAD drawings, you would be looking at around 7 – 10 days.
What exactly does your service range include?

JGD Exhibitions are a full turnkey display stand partner.

At JGD Exhibitions we take care of every requirement and need for the exhibitor.

Our services are very comprehensive and range from;

  • CAD design
  • project management
  • Account management
  • Factory pr-build
  • Onsite installation
  • Power, compressed Air, Water & Waste
  • Rigging & banners
  • Freight and logistics
  • printing and artwork development
  • Cabinetry and decorations
  • AV.
  • Warehouse storage

We can also arrange, specialised staff, coffee/catering and wifi services through the organiser.

Please check out our comprehensive range of services for a full breakdown of how JGD can assist with all your trade show requirements.

Can you install a custom stand anywhere in Australia?

Yes we can. JGD logistics offers our customers, dedicated freight and logistic services that ensure their most valuable company assets are moved from warehouse to venue (site) with the utmost care.

JGD logistics understands the exhibition industry and its time sensitive requirements. Our expert staff work with you to pick up your show stock and deliver to the show as you specify to any Australia wide event.

  • Did you know that an exhibitor may choose any booth contractor to supply all of their trade show requirements, including shell scheme supply & enhancements.

The exhibitor is not solely limited to having to contract to the organisers preferred suppliers.

  • Did you know that JGD can also build a custom or enhanced display inside an existing shell scheme frame?

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